The spirit of a once living human, complete with personality and understanding.


– The activity reacts to changes in the environment. Meaning if you decide to move your furniture around, It can see and realize that.
It can and will change its movements to walk by the furniture instead of walking through.

– The activity can interact with the environment. Known for moving small objects, Picture frames, Glasses, Papers, Coffee mugs, Etc

– Communication can be made


– Can be done through contact & negotiation with entity.
One thing we recommend to families is to sit around a table together and state,
“This place is ours. You are not wanted here anymore. Please leave!”A lot of times this is all it takes.
Sometimes contacting a true “Sensitive or a Psychic” to do this can also helpStay away from those who charge!


Energy from a traumatic event is trapped in an object at the location.
When environmental circumstances are correct, the energy replays a certain aspect of the traumatic event.
This type of activity is either present in location already or will occur when someone buys an Antique or brings an object into home that the energy is connected to. 


– The activity repeats itself. Like a Tape recorder playing itself over and over again. It always seems to be the same type of activity. Always follows the same pattern. Walking just one certain path at the same time each day, month, year, Etc

– The entity does not acknowledge its surroundings. If you decide to move a doorway and cover an old doorway a Residual entity will not acknowledge the change. It will follow the same path it always has.
In return walking directly through the wall where the door once stood.

– Nothing actually moves. You may hear sounds of something moving, But nothing actually will move.


– Can be removed if object containing the energy is found and removed from the location.


Activity caused by subconscious human manipulation.
The person causes the activity to occur without knowing they are doing it.


– The activity is sporadic. Sometimes not happening for weeks on end, Then occurring many times per day.

– Only happens when one specific person is present. Known as the Catalyst. This person is the individual who is manifesting the activity without knowing they are doing it.

– Usually revolves around a pre-teen female. Sometimes rarely with a male. Commonly around a high Limestone deposit location.
The Female body produces a great amount of Energy during puberty. This being the main reason this activity is mostly associated with a Female child


– Can’t be removed. Counseling the client while waiting it out appears the only real option.