Multiple Sky Watchers Have Recorded a Video of UFOs Moving Over Oxfordshire

A group of
UFO researchers has seen orange coloured orbs and managed to record the
mysterious event on video. David Twine, a Hampshire UFO Group member, said the
incident took place during a group skywatch on the night of April 9, 2016. Four
of them witnessed the orbs in their naked eyes and viewed them later through

They were
on a former Royal Air force station Stoney Cross, located close to junction 1
of the M27, Cadnam.

The group
was looking on the Northern part of their viewpoint when the orb-like objects
came into view, flying left to the right. The group recorded the video of their
sighting with zoom function activated and in black and white. No sound from
those flying objects was recorded or heard.

reports involving these UFOs happened over Mevagissey in Cornwall, and then
they were reported to fly east 185 miles towards Oxfordshire, around 50 to 80
miles north of the group’s location. The objects then continued moving across
Northamptonshire and on towards Bedfordshire.

A jet
aircraft can be seen at 4.38 time of the footage from the lower right to left.
The pilots and/or passengers must have seen these orange objects.

The group
sent Freedom of Information Request letters to the Civil Aviation Authority and
the Ministry of Defence for any additional information regarding this
mysterious event. However, the group did not get a response.

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