Famed UFO Researcher, Writer and Lecturer Stanton Friedman Dead at 84


Stanton T. Friedman has died at the age of
84. The famed nuclear physicist, researcher, and lecturer of extraterrestrial
existence based in Fredericton died Monday night at Pearson International
Airport in Toronto, his daughter Melissa Friedman confirmed the day after his

Melissa said Stanton was from a speaking
engagement in Ohio and on his way home to Fredericton when he died suddenly at
the airport.

She said that her father officially retired
last year but continued to book speaking engagements because he loved talking
about UFOs.

Stanton has been considered as the leading
authority on subjects involving UFOs, alien abductions and the Roswell
Incident, which he was credited with bringing it to the mainstream

He started lecturing about UFOs in 1967
based in data he uncovered over the years that was buried in American
government documents.

Stanton once said that he checked his
audiences and found at the end of his lecture that around 10 percent of the
attendees have had a sighting, but 90 percent did not report their sightings
because of a fear of ridicule. According to him, he was trying to lift the
laughter curtain.

He was also an accomplished writer, writing
or co-writing dozens of books and publishing several papers about UFOs.

Stanton was born in New Jersey and lived in
Fredericton with Marilyn, his wife of 44 years and mother to Melissa Friedman.
From a previous marriage, he also had three children.

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