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Memphis and the Mid-South are known for an abundance of ghosts and ghost stories. You don’t have to believe in ghosts to be entertained by the stories. These short summaries of some of the most famous stories but are not intended to be conveyed as facts, rather as the legends they are.

Orpheum Theatre
is one of Memphis’
most beloved and historic landmarks. It is also said to be home to what may be
the most famous ghost in Memphis.
The Orpheum was originally built in 1880 but burned in 1923. It was rebuilt in
1928. The ghost of a little girl named Mary is said to haunt the theater. Some
people say she died in the fire (although no one was reported to have been
killed). Others say she was killed near the theater on Beale Street.

Mary is not known to be a spiteful ghost
but rather very shy. She has a favorite seat during performances and enjoys hearing
the organ is play.

Lake at Overton
is rumored to be haunted by a woman in her mid thirties wearing a long light
blue dress. At night she is reported to be seen walking around the south end of
the lake. With an out stretched hand, she asks for help. However, when
approached she disappears. It is said she is the ghost of a woman in this light
blue dress who was raped and stabbed in the 1960s.

Ornamental Metal Museum
is on the grounds of an old army hospital. It was
also the center of the yellow fever epidemic. Thousands died here. Many
different ghosts and paranormal occurrences have been witnessed haunting the
morgue and doctor’s residence.

Voodoo Village can be found on Mary Angela Road in southwest Memphis. It is home to St. Paul’s Spiritual
Temple and surrounded by
a huge iron fence. Legend suggests that something other than just church
services are going on here. Tales are that sacrificial offerings have occurred,
that black magic has been observed, and the walking dead have been seen. Voodoo Village
is one of the ripest spots in Memphis
for supernatural activity.

Salem Presbyterian Cemetery
in Atoka is believed by many to be haunted by ghosts
of Native Americans and slaves. Bodies of these people were dumped into a mass
grave in one section of the cemetery. Today, a single grave marker designates
the grave area. People say they have encountered ghosts here and these spirits
are angry and malicious.

Fire Church is a place where
you see nothing day or night when you walk up to the entrance. However, when
you drive by at night, flames can be seen coming from a back window. The flames
are never seen during the day. It is thought this place is haunted by an evil

located on Lamar, was once a Baptist hospital but was converted to a veterans’ hospital.
Legends have it that people who died on the operating table haunt the building.
Personal accounts and pictures tell this story. The morgue in the basement is
called the most haunted place in Memphis.

These are only a few examples of the
spirits said to haunt Memphis
and the Mid-South. In fact, if you want to explore more, there are several
organized ghost-hunting tours available.

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