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KLANG: Television personality Lingkesvaran Maniam has never believed in ghosts and supernatural powers.

That was until he landed a job hosting a reality show where he accompanied several so-called “ghost hunters” to various locations throughout Malaysia that are rumoured to be haunted.

Lingkesvaran said he initially assumed it was just going to be a reality show where the locations were visited and their history narrated for the benefit of home viewers.

“At that time it was just a show where I was required to talk and explain in Tamil, English and Malay.

Made a believer: Lingkesvaran and Rizalwan on set during a ghost hunt.

Made a believer: Lingkesvaran and Rizalwan on set during a ghost hunt. 

“But somehow, the experiences I underwent on the set made me curious and wonder if my initial scepticism was justified,” claimed the 33-year-old former accountant.

He said the show’s producers had invested in equipment such as a sound box, which is a radio frequency sweep scanner, an electromagnetic fields meter, energy rods as well as infrared, thermal and night vision cameras.

Besides Lingkesvaran, the other two main players in the ghostly adventures, aptly named Pei Vettai (Ghost Hunting), are “paranormal” investigators Rizalwan Ramli and Mustaqim Amir Azuari.

“As I started going to these places and watched Abang Amir communicate and sketch the apparitions and presences, I could actually feel the energy there,” claimed Lingkesvaran.

He added sometimes the energy was calming but most of the time it was turbulent and sent shivers up his spine.

“There were instances when I became violently dizzy and even threw up while on set but quickly recovered after we left the area,” he said.

He narrated how he had also started gorging on food after visiting one of the purportedly haunted locations in Perak.

“I just ate and ate but yet I remained hungry,” claimed Lingkesvaran, adding that he had remained hungry for several days.

Although the show, which was aired over Astro’s Vinmeen channel, has ended, Lingkesvaran said he still had many lingering questions pertaining to his experience during Pei Vettai.

To a question if he would do it again if given the chance to experience alleged “hauntings”, Lingkesvaran said he would readily accept the challenge because he still had many unanswered questions.

“I want to know and see more,” he said.

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