American President Trump Reveals He Had Meeting on UFOs

trump ufos

In a new development that will either
ignite dozens of more conspiracy theories or douse twice as many as new ones,
United States President Donald Trump has said he met with officials about UFOs
although he reiterated that he did not particularly believe in them.

Trump revealed that the military briefed
him on UFO sightings.

He said that he had seen, read, and heard
and did one very brief meeting on it. He pointed out that people were saying
they saw UFOs, but he did not believe it particularly.

Despite Trump’s disinterest on UFOs, the military
has been keeping an eye on the skies recently. After the increase in UFO
reports, the Navy recently set new guidelines for reporting UFOs entering US
aerospace, making sure all sightings get the proper investigations.

Last month, the Pentagon admitted that
Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was involved in
research and investigation of UFOs. Defense Department spokesman Christopher
Sherwood revealed that the AATIP’s main focus was investigating UFO event.

The AATIP was shut down in 2012, but only
in 2017, the AATIP’s existence was known. Sherwood claimed that the government
still has a department until now to handle alleged sightings of alien aircraft.

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