Storm the Bermuda Triangle Has Gained Wide Attention on Facebook

flying saucer over bermuda

Inspired by the plan on Facebook to Storm Area 51, thousands of individuals have vowed to venture into the latest Facebook event.

organiser has offered to provide boats to people who are interested in going
into the 270,000-square mile Bermuda Triangle, which is known for the
mysterious disappearance of planes and ships.

Carnovale requires attendees on “Storm The Bermuda Triangle, It Can’t Swallow
All Of Us” to dress as Spongebob characters or pirates.

He promises
to provide the boats, and scuba gear and guests are encouraged to bring weed
and a lot of beer and whiskey.

Carnovale also set up a fundraising page for an event featuring live music and
entertainment in an attempt to raise $75,000 and insisted he was not a scam.

He explains
that he is trying to throw a party for everyone to show this country we can

The event
is scheduled for October 1, and more than 40,000 people have already expressed
their interest.

The mystery
of the Bermuda Triangle is believed to date back to the mysterious
disappearance of five US Navy torpedo bombers in 1945 during a training mission
known as Flight 19.

The planes
disappeared without any traces, and it was later claimed that a search plane
sent out to conduct a rescue operation of the missing crew also disappeared.

explanations have been provided for the disappearances, including UFOs.

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