Dozens of UFOs Caught on Video Over Wyoming


The video description states the witness of
the strange event saw UFOs that looked like some craft moving across the sky
without any sound.

It seems that going into Area 51 might not
be necessary to see creatures altogether from another planet as one Facebook
event suggests. A mass UFO sighting was recently reported in Wyoming, US.

In a description of the YouTube video
showing the UFOs, the phenomenon took place on July 26 over Casper City.

It presented the testimony, quoted by the
owner of the YouTube channel Hidden Underbelly 2.0 from the eyewitness, saying
the objects in the video were not orbs but rather appeared like crafts moving
in complete silence.

The witness said they were not drones as
they did not hear the propellers, but they had no idea what were those
mysterious aerial things.

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