NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Unidentified Glowing Light on the Red Planet

NASA’s Curiosity rover has captured a photograph of a mysterious bright glow on a distant hillside on Mars.

The black and white picture shows the landscape of the desert with high rocky hills in the background.

A little elongated white blob seems to be streaking past in front of the larger rock formations.

The image was taken on June 16, and conspiracy theorists have said the picture is evidence of aliens on the Red Planet.

The probe, which landed on the Martian surface in 2012, is armed with 17 cameras. It has since roamed all over Mars, beaming back large amounts of data along with vast quantities of photos.

On its mast, the rover has two mounted navcams, which look like eyes. The right navcam captured the image in question, but the left camera was not looking in a similar direction.

The appearance of the unidentified white blob has been rapid as it disappears in photos taken immediately before and after.

In 2014, another bright spot in photographs captured by the rover made headlines, and people claimed it was light from an alien hut.

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