Mecum renews with NBC Sports –

NBC Sports Group and Mecum Auctions cemented a multi-year partnership extension to continue coverage of Mecum car auctions across NBC Sports through 2024. The new agreement includes media rights on all platforms in all U.S. territories, as well as the Sky territories in the U.K. and Europe and will see NBC and NBCSN collaborate to feature at least 12 of Mecum’s annual car auctions including the Kissimmee and Monterey Auctions, with approximately 200 hours of premiere coverage. NBC Sports presents more than 24 hours of Mecum Auctions coverage this week from its iconic event in Monterey. Scott Hoke will host NBCSN’s Mecum Auctions coverage on-site in Monterey this weekend, alongside analysts John Kraman, Stephen Cox, Bill Stephens, and Katie Osborne.

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