Delta Plane Dives Nearly 30,000 Feet in Mere Minutes Following Possible ‘Depressurization Issue’

Screenshot: WSB-TV

All aboard the nightmare machine.

A recent Delta Airlines flight dove nearly 30,000 feet in the span of just minutes in an incident that passengers say had them scared for their lives. Delta Flight 2353 was on its way from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday when the captain received an indicator warning of a possible depressurization issue, a spokesperson told Gizmodo by phone.

After the issue was flagged, the response was to get the aircraft from its position of 39,000 feet down to 10,000 feet as quickly as possible. That descent lasted roughly seven to eight minutes, the Delta spokesperson said. Though it was controlled, passengers described a panicked and stressful scene inside the cabin.

“The oxygen masks dropped from the top of the plane and chaos sort of ensued amongst the passengers,” Harris DeWoskin, a passenger on the flight, told ABC-affiliated WSB-TV. DeWoskin described the situation as a “hectic moment,” adding that passengers around him were hyperventilating.