Woman gets home to find ‘a******e’ husband has covered kitchen in wrapping paper

An Elf on the Shelf prank was taken to extremes when a man got a little bit carried away with a roll of wrapping paper.

Nichola Mullen-King from Newcastle got a shock when she returned home on Monday and walked into the kitchen.

That’s because her husband Carl had covered the entire room in Christmas wrapping paper – including the fruit, chopping board and utensils.

The amusing act took him around two hours to complete and it’s fair to say Nichola wasn’t all that impressed with his work.

Sharing snaps of her ‘new’ kitchen on Facebook , she wrote: “My a******e of a husband came up with the bright idea to wrap part of the kitchen for elf on the shelf…

Her husband Carl spent two hours wrapping up the room

He wrapped everything up, including the chopping board

“Two hours later and a divorce on the cards, it’s done including the fruit, eggs, utensils and chopping board. Idiot even plugged the air freshener back in.”

Her post quickly went viral, garnering over 28,000 likes and more than 44,000 shares.

A whopping 47,000 people have also commented on the post so far, with many people branding her husband a “legend”.

One person said: “This is a level of dedication I simply don’t have.”

He also covered the fruit

And the eggs…

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A second replied: “OMG that is brilliant lol.”

Someone else thought it was “f***in mental”.

“Now this is funny,” proclaimed a third.

However not everyone was quite so impressed by the stunt.

A different user slammed the couple for wasting so much paper.

They wrote: “What a waste of paper! And that just by one person never mind all the idiots that will copy this!

“Not even a thought about the environmental effects stupid humans!”

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