Aliens Killing Human Beings

The majority of American people want government information on UFOs to be released to the public. Piplsay study revealed that 61 percent of people want the U.S. government to release any information it might have on aliens and UFOs to the public.

The study also found that 58 percent of people believe the government investigates aliens and UFOs, and 27 percent think the sightings are real.

UFO enthusiasts express their support on what the Americans want on UFO disclosure. They want the government to release the files from Area 51 and elsewhere. They are excited for the information to flow through the streets and into the minds of the people.

People are becoming more interested in UFOs after the Navy videos showing a “tic-tac” UFO became public.

How about you? Do you think UFOs and aliens are real? Some people do not have a clue and others don’t know anything more than the general public does.

UFO does not naturally mean it is an alien. It just means an unidentified flying object. However, it is possibly ET-related as well.

Either way, the majority of the people want the government to live on the edge, declassify everything and embrace the chaos.

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