This stationary unidentified flying object was seen and filmed in the sky above Lake Mary in Florida on 17th February 2020.

Witness report: Observed Orange Star like object. Driving into work on Lake Mary Blvd. stopped at traffic light on Lake Mary Blvd and Lake Emma and witnessed a star like orange object, so I decided to record it, not realizing that there was a object above it with all kinds of lights, a long cigar shape. (Attached recording) Got to work at 3300 Exchange Place, Lake Mary and decided to get my camera and started recording to see if I could find the object and I got it on camera. Then I saw another object to bottom right, plus the orange one, and cigar one which was high. Then all of a sudden an object (green) appears above the cigar object, and beams down at something in the ground and then disappears! I continued to record until I had to go into work.

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