VERMILLION COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Just in time for Halloween, we have the story of what some are calling a real-life haunted house.

It’s nestled in Vermillion County, Indiana.

Hundreds of paranormal investigators have been in the home, trying to prove it’s a legitimate ghost story.

When we spoke with the former owners of the house, they told us there’s nothing evil about it and the new owners are just trying to make money.

But now, we wanted to tell the other side of that story.

In the small Vermillion County town of Eugene, one house is getting a lot of attention.

A home that was built in the late 1800s is now being called ‘Willows Weep.’

In part one of this story, we introduced you to Adam Baird and Haley Navarro. They used to live in the home.

“I know when I lived there – nothing ever happened. Nothing supernatural,” Adam told us.

Adam and Haley’s mother, Cheryl Skinner suffered a heart attack while living there. Several years later their stepfather, Curt Skinner, committed suicide in the home.

Devastating events in their lives they say the new owners are making a profit from.

“They were charging people to come in and haunt my mother…called my mother out by name, and my stepfather,” Adam said.

We tracked down the newest owner of the house. David Spinks has been a paranormal investigator for more than 30 years.

He lives in West Virginia, but he told us he bought the house because he truly believes it is evil.

He said he sympathizes with the family, and he promises to leave the Skinner’s name out of anything he does…but says he will continue to investigate the home.

“There have been many deaths..factual deaths..some very bizarre and other suicides that have occurred in this house. And I’m still finding out more info to this day,” Spinks told us. “The house has so many little nuances. There’s a crossroads in the front. There’s a major river coming into a town. There are Native American ties and numerous deaths in the house. That’s what we look for as investigators..not to mention all the evidence of paranormal activity people have captured in this house.”

From above, the home is shaped like a cross. Spinks claims that’s another strange sign.

He also sent us a video from inside the home. In the video, he says in two instances the door moved on its own.

He believes there’s something very negative lurking in the house.

“A man emailed me said his grandmother used to live in the house back in the ’50s and she experienced paranormal phenomena back then…dishes she would set on the table the night before…when she got up the next morning they would be all over the floor just like a tornado went through there and she would often witness a rocking chair in the house rocking on its own numerous times over the years,” Spinks told us.

He said in his decades of investigating, he has never seen a home like this.

Spinks said there is no disrespect intended to the people who have died in the house, but he will continue to investigate Willows Weep and allow other paranormal specialists to do so as well.
You may even see the Eugene, Indiana home on the big screen someday. There’s a company trying to raise enough money to shoot a movie about the house.

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