Online alien hunters and conspiracy theorists had debates over a video showing a mysterious, shining triangular object over Houston, Texas. The footage was reportedly taken on New Year’s Day. Some suggested alien interference, while others believed the strange object had something to do with a secret military program.

Just recently, the UFO apparently made a comeback after a month of a similar sighting. A video, which reportedly captured in the sky over the city of Bogata by a motorist, shows three flashing lights moving in a geometric formation toward the cameraman before zooming off.

The sighting was first reported to Mutual UFO Network along with the clip of it. According to the report, the UFO was flying at the reporting witness at around 75mph and then it hovered over his car for a second and disappeared. YouTube conspiracy channel UFOmania posted the video on the video-sharing site.

While the footage’s authenticity has not been confirmed, some conspiracy theorists believe it shows an alien UFO. Others suggested the UFO could be a supersonic stealth surveillance plane of the US Air Force. A few also provided a mundane explanation saying that it was nothing more than a drone.

The latest video surfaced a month after the same clip showing what seems to be a large triangle UFO over Houston, Texas, on New Year’s Day. The bizarre object appeared to have three lights dancing in the dark sky and maintaining formation. It prompted conspiracy enthusiasts to offer alien and military-related theories as an explanation as well.

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