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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — This Halloween some may be curious and ask what’s haunted around Sacramento?

Well depending on who you talk to, almost anywhere can be haunted.

“I get a lot of phone calls from people who have haunted homes and they need help,” said Paul Roberts.

Roberts and his wife, Deanna Stinson, run Halo Paranormal Investigations.

“We investigate, find out what’s haunting a place. Find out if there’s any natural causes and if there is something that’s actually haunting the home. We bless the home,” Roberts explained.

Through the years they have investigated many buildings in Old Sacramento. Both said people don’t have to go far to encounter areas they haunt.

“A gold miner actually haunts the basement of Evangeline’s,” Roberts said.

Stinson claims she’s a physic medium, meaning she can better pick up a spirit’s energy.

“I pick up a lot of like cowboys and little kids are attracted to me for some reason,” she told FOX40.

Stinson said she has often sensed the spirit of children at the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum.

Using a digital recorder, they try to get spirits to respond.

So is Old Sacramento haunted or not? At least one underground tour group said they don’t believe it is. But it isn’t the only part of the city that has had reports of hauntings.

Some state employees have long claimed they have seen a ghost inside the California Capitol building. They believe ghosts from a 1927 murder-suicide on the old part of the building still haunt the halls.

In April of that year, Lobbyist Harry Hill shot and killed capitol staffer Marybelle Wallace just outside the elevators on the fourth floor.

But Roberts said a building doesn’t have to be old in order for it to be haunted.

“In the Pocket area these were new homes and these new homes were built over a cemetery, and because of that the homes became haunted,” he said.

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