Nick Pope

An alien invasion is something humanity entirely unprepared, according to ufologist and former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope. He said that if aliens are drawing up plans toward Earth, then we are the other way around as we don’t have any plans for them. Mr. Pope, the man who has been considered as the real-life Fox Mulder, added that governments around the world have no alien invasion war plan.

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that there are plans kept secret within the governments, but Mr. Pope insisted there’s none as he would have been responsible for writing it.

Currently, the world’s greatest scientists are facing a somewhat tangible threat of the coronavirus, which is becoming more than a public health risk as it has the potential to trigger a societal breakdown.

Mr. Pope pointed out that the arrival of aggressive invasive aliens might bring the same associated threat.

He stated that extraterrestrial threat or real-life War of the Worlds would not only mean facing the danger of these aliens.


According to Mr. Pope, things can fall apart very quickly in our increasingly complex and interconnected world.  Key points and critical infrastructures could come under pressure as aliens could knock out a grid, people could not get money from the cashpoints, petrol may run out, foods may run out, law and order could break down.

Mr. Pope explained that this is a worst-case scenario, but it is better to plan for the worst rather than assuming that everything will be fine. He said that it’s ironic people are searching for aliens, but we don’t have a plan for what we do if we find them.

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