The investigators from A&E Network’s “Ghost Hunters” series visited Clifton last winter, looking into hauntings around town – and the show’s Wednesday night, April 8, season premiere will reveal what they found.

The “Ghost Hunters” team held a “haunted town hall discussion” with residents on Dec. 2019, then dove into paranormal activity reports at historic spots like the Clifton Hotel, Chase Creek Boarding House and old Clifton Jail.

“They were having a lot of problems with the paranormal,” said investigator Daryl Marston. “We didn’t realize there were over 100 eyewitnesses.”

For investigator and researcher Kristen Luman, the Chase Creek Boarding House stood out. “That’s where we caught some evidence I’ve never seen before on the EMCCD camera, which captures photonic events our eyes can’t see. We came into contact with something pretty remarkable that I haven’t seen in this field before, and it matched a story of the woman who owned the building.”

Marston said the Clifton Elks Lodge was also memorable. “Mustafa (“Ghost Hunters” paranormal historian/site analyst Mustafa Gatollari) and I had a lot of really interesting experiences there. At one point, we felt like we were chasing something around the building. Those two locations were amazing.”

“The town itself was very active; we had a paranormal experience in every building we went to. We can definitely say there’s a presence there,” said Luman.

Karen Frye, who bought the Clifton Hotel three years ago with her husband, Matt, said the crew put them up at a motel two nights to try to capture paranormal phenomenon and filmed other people inside the hotel on several occasions because they liked the backdrop.

“They were here for about a week and they even extended their stay because they found more paranormal activity than they thought they would,” Frye said. “That’s also why they made two episodes instead of one.”

Frye thought the cast and crew might be “standoffish,” but they were just the opposite.

“They were very nice, humble and down to earth,” she said. “I thought they were warm and friendly and they made us feel very comfortable. They were also very respectful of the building. They made us feel as though the building was important and integral part of the story.”

Although she’s not personally experienced anything that couldn’t explained, Frye said her husband, over-night guests and visitors have all had odd things happen to them.

She and her husband had hoped to host a viewing party at their bar, but that’ll have to wait now thanks to COVID-19, Frye said.

The “Ghost Hunters” crew were named honorary Greenlee County Chamber of Commerce members, which Luman said was another first in their investigations. “The people were very kind and welcoming,” she said.

“We’d love to come back and pick up where we left off at some point, maybe see other locations we weren’t able to get to. I think there’s a lot of stuff there that maybe we left on the table,” said Marston.

Viewers can see what the team found in Clifton on “Ghost Hunters” two-part season premiere, “Terror Town.” The episodes will air on A&E Wednesday, April 8 at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Editor Kim Smith contributed to this article.

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