The delight of being stoned relies partially on the magic of serendipity. When you consume weed, you’re opening yourself up to a mind-body experiment: will I enjoy this? Will I get too high? How will what I’m consuming align with the rest of my day? These questions feel especially crucial during quarantine, when it’s more difficult to take a risk with your feelings.

My favorite weed experiences fall largely into two categories: smoking with a close friend and being giddy with laughter, or spending time reveling in nature, even if it’s just a walk down a beautiful street. The best category of all is a long wander with my best friend, exploring a neighborhood or park. This is when the magic happens: we stop to watch a man in a leather jacket eating an ice cream cone and recording what appears to be a TV news segment; a cat appears immediately after we wish aloud to pet a cat; a happy face helium balloon floats inexplicably in the middle of an empty street. These moments are made for the sweetly stoned, wandering mind, but right now they’re out of reach.

While we’re staying at home, the potential for serendipitous delights are greatly reduced, and it’s a struggle to feel inspired, relaxed, or even amused. Attempts at routines feel forced and oppressive, and it’s tricky to try to force creativity or the feeling of pleasant curiosity. As the founder of Broccoli, part of my work involves finding ways to represent and interpret the cannabis experience, both online and off. In honor of spending 4/20 at home, here are a few weed-friendly distractions that have surprised, delighted, or weirded me out (in a good way).

Fashion Archives

If you’re missing your favorite used bookstore, or wishing that you could browse through strange books and magazines at your local thrift haunt, you might find some satisfaction in digitally paging through the archives of Vogue Italia. The entire archive is free for a couple months (find signup instructions here), and it’s a beautiful distraction for fashion lovers with very visual brains. You can search for thematic keywords (I suggest “flower”, “mushroom”, “forest”), or you can be hardcore and flip through every issue from start to finish (this is my preferred technique). It’s not only poise and polish, either—there are some unusually creative and odd treasures waiting to be unearthed.

Weed Puzzle

By now you’ve probably seen a lot of puzzles online, but I’m excited to bring the trend to the cannabis world with Smoke & Petals, Broccoli’s collaboration with Piecework Puzzles. The puzzle features a dizzying scene of flowers smoking joints, photographed by Carl Ostberg for the spring issue of Broccoli. Puzzles require a unique clearing of thoughts, forcing you to focus only on color and shape, making it a surprisingly meditative activity.

Photo: Courtesy of Piecework Puzzles

DIY Stoner Film Fest

Weed is slowly creeping its way into the film scene, and while straight-up stoner buddy themes are still more prevalent in TV and film, directors are starting to realize that weed can be a beautiful and psychedelic point of inspiration. Host your own DIY cannabis film fest by watching the following playful and stylish shorts: It’s Lit; How to Roll the Perfect Joint, All Day Breakfast, How to Roll a Rose Blunt, and a short by Pure Beauty. If you’d prefer a full-length feature and aren’t afraid of a tense watch, track down Rodarte’s film with A24, Woodshock, a spooky, sad and psychedelic film starring Kirsten Dunst as a woman tripping on poison-laced joints in the forest while dealing with her grief (watch the trailer here). If you need a quick dose of beauty, timelapse videos of flowers blooming are a guaranteed pleasure. Here’s one of weed, too.

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