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Grand Rapids MI – 8 May 2020
Just had a sighting in Grand Rapids MI. My daughter and i came back from the store and were in the car and and a “star” caught my attention because it got very bright suddenly. We both the observed as it suddenly shot up into the air and increased in intensity before suddenly descended a bit, then darting randomly left and right before the light suddenly dimmed a bit and it then very quickly descended further over the horizon to the South. Im on the South side of Grand Rapids. If i had to guess i would say it was over Wayland, MI.
We then saw a few very tiny lights suddenly dart around before dissapearing.

Newton Abbot Devon England – May 7, 2020
I was outside taking photographs of the full Moon the third super moon of 2020 when a bright green object flew right underneath the moon and instantly caught my attention. I zoomed in with my Nikon P900 camera for a better look only to instantly recognise the craft as the same one that I had witnessed and photographed years ago back in April of 2016. The craft that I had originally seen had not been illuminated like this one and I had been able to see that it was jet black with almond shaped lights that where situated on the front of it that glowed with a yellowish tinge. Even though this craft was illuminated in a bright green glow I could still see that it was exactly the same craft. I immediately took a photograph and watched as the craft made a very sharp u turn before it headed away from my vantage point. I could now see the back of the craft and it was a fiery red colour. I quickly took another photograph and watched as the craft flew off into the distance before it disappeared from view. This was amazing not only did I get to photograph the super moon I also had this incredible sighting of an alien craft that I had seen and photographed years before. I have been witnessing unidentified structured craft like this one in the skies above Devon for years now and I truly believe that it is time for the British government to come forward and make a statement about these strange aerial objects. it’s pretty clear to me that the government know far more about this phenomena than they are letting on. It’s time to tell the public the truth about what is really going on in the skies above us all. The Photographs were taken in the early hours of the morning at 12:45 AM on the 7th of ‎May ‎2020, At Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.

7 May 2020 – Nairobi, Kenya
At around 10pm EA time i went out to freshen up before i sleep. As i was going back something so bright flew by it was flying low with bright light at 1st i thought it was a plane but object had no engine sound i couldnt tell the shape due to its bright light. After about a min and half as continued staring at it flying away it suddenly vanished

Newton Abbot Devon England – May 5, 2020
I was outside in the back garden sky watching and I was looking around the sky for anything out of the ordinary when I spotted an object off to the east that was very high up in the sky. As I watched the object I was trying to figure out what it could be but I was unable to determine what exactly it was because it had no visible means of propulsion. The only thing I could see was that the object was oval shaped and as I followed the object across the sky while looking through the viewfinder of my P900 camera it suddenly changed direction and flew in amongst some wispy clouds. I quickly took a photograph of it and watched as the oval shaped object performed some strange maneuvers before it flew up into the atmosphere and disappeared from view. When I Looked at the photograph I could see that I had once again successfully managed to capture another unidentified object that had been flying around the sky with impunity high above the town and the unsuspecting public below. The Pentagon as recently acknowledge that unidentified objects are a reality and I believe that it is time for the British government to come forward and publicly acknowledge the presence of these strange unidentified objects in the sky above the United Kingdom. The Photograph was taken at 7:32 PM on the ‎5th of ‎May ‎2020, ‎at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the Best John.

California – 4 May 2020
I am the one who took thiz pic tonite i been spottin UFOs 4xz now ,

Broken Bow Oklahoma – 05/03/2020
Same exact as the latest UFO descriptions here. Right around 9pm, I saw at least 8 lights perfectly spaced moving W to E out of the horizon. I called my boyfriend out to witness also. There were a total of 20 lights total. Approximately 30 minutes later, we witnessed 28 lights, all perfectly spaced, this time moving from the North horizon moving South (towards us) to a certain spot in the sky above us and then disappear. Five minutes later, another set of 4 lights from the same area but went a different direction (West of where they were disappearing previously), then another set 15 after that where the 28 went to and disappeared. Several minutes later, another 8, same location….. If you saw the 3rd video on UFO’s the Pentagon released last week, it looked like those. Tried taking videos but you can’t see them. Very bizarre.

Cobram, Victoria Australia – 1 May 2020
In cobram Victoria Australia, I see it most nights around 7pm- 8pm. I have filmed it on my new Samsung s20 ultra.
It looks sort of like a star butt it’s way bigger and brighter then any of the rest.

3 May 2020 – Aptos, US
Last night about 9 or 10, looking towards the west from Aptos, I saw a repeating movement happen about 7 times. The small light was moving towards the north. It went so far… dimmed, disappeared and showed up again where I first saw it. Repeated. For real. I also saw alot of sparklies.

Lancashire, UK – May 2020
I was taking a pic of the moon as it had like halos round it, I had a drink and forgot about the pics till this morning and saw the thing above x
There was nothing above it when I was taking the pic x
My son usually puts me right but he’s still asleep lol and I didn’t want to post incase it’s flash or something but it’s wierd x
I couldn’t get a decent pic so just came back inside lol hope you can settle my mind haha, thnakyou for looking and I’ve got another one from last week I was going to work and the cloud was so dark I took two photos and something on one pic but not the other x

London, UK – May 2, 2020
This last Friday I was shooting a mobile home for a client. I didn’t see anything, or hear anything, but when I got home and uploaded the photos to my computer the object caught my eye. The object is not in any of the other photos I took that day. I’m very hesitant to post this, but I want you guys to see it. This was taken out off of London Bridge Rd.

Portland,Oregon – may 01,2020 at 4:30 AM
lights moving nw to se ,spaced at equal length ,on the same trajectory and moving at the same speed at around 4:30 am on may 01,2020 in the sky’s over Portland,Oregon.Thought I was going nuts?Did any one see this too? More than 8 lights,they were moving about 8 second from one horizon to the other and spaced about 3 seconds apart.At a high altitude like a jet but faster. Sorry no photo’s.

Wigan in england, UK – April 2020

Kalamazoo, Michigan – April 2020
approx two weeks ago if i zoom in it looks like a light shinning down upper right looks like saucer type to me, sorry picture isnt great

Newton Abbot Devon England – 30th of April
I was sky watching from my open bedroom window where I have a really good vantage point of the sky above the town centre. I was looking around an area of the sky that had a lot of scattered clouds and I was really hoping to see an anomalous object. After a couple of minutes of looking around the edge of each cloud I spotted an object that emerged from one of the clouds. Although it was quite far off in the distance I was able to zoom in while looking through the viewfinder of my Nikon P900 camera where I could clearly see that it was in fact a saucer shaped craft. I quickly took some photographs managing to capture the fast moving saucer in two photographs before it flew directly into a large batch of clouds that were situated across from the cloud that it had originally emerged from. The saucer was now hidden away from sight and I patiently waited for it to re-emerge from the other side of the clouds but unfortunately it never did. This batch of large clouds was the perfect hiding place for this flying saucer and it was able to stay hidden away from prying eyes completely undetected as the clouds slowly drifted over the area high above the unsuspecting public down below. The first photograph shows the saucer heading towards the large batch of clouds. While the second photograph shows the saucer entering into the cloud before I lost sight of it. The photographs were taken on the 30th of April at Newton Abbot Devon England. I often see flying saucers and many other different types of anomalous craft flying around in the sky above this area and I really find it fascinating living in a town with so much activity especially for someone like me who is totally dedicated to the study of ufology. I find it very interesting that an alien intelligence is observing this area by keeping a constant presence high above this town. I wonder why. What could be so special about this area. All the best John.

Dade city fl – 4/29/2020
I seen a few star sized lights moved across the night sky..right by the moon for 2 hrs starting around 9 a bright light flashed well it stayed bright for 20 30 mins.. Then dimmed out and came back bright and did that 3 4x. Off to the right of that was a triangle made of the same star sized objects id been seeing all night. Off the tip star of the 3 triangle i watched with chills on my neck 5 or 6 maybe more i went running to grab someone in the house but they were strait line perfectly spaced fly across and disappeared into the night sky. I stayed out there in shock staring at the sky like a crazy man for 2 hrs the clouds rolled in and i could no longer see.. But i seen all the social media videos ive watched the 2020 recent stuff.. And that’s why i was looking tonight in the 1st place but now after seeing myself.. How do you explain all that.

Brisbane, Australia – 29 April 2020
Do you think what I witnessed last night here in Brisbane, Australia is a UFO sighting?

Charleston, SC – April 29,2020
I was out walking my dog on a slightly overcast night. I was looking up at the stars and noticed a line of lights. I then realized that the lights were moving fairly fast. They looked like stars, evenly spaced and no noise. I counted at least 17 but I am sure there were more. My neighbor was out riding her bike and saw them as well. Neither of us had seen anything like this before. We do live near Charleston airport but they did not look like planes. They moved too fast, in perfect formation with no noise. My neighbor tried to film them but she could not capture them on film. I guess they were too far away? I would not have written this if I did not see others had the same experience. I would appreciate a logical explanation if anyone learns anything.

bradley county tn near a lake and a tall tree on a hill with my light on outside of the garge – 4-16-2020
I was walking around and i saw a flash of light and a hightend sound noise like a dog whistle and i will hear it like everytime its the same time it happened witch was about 8:00 pm and i saw a medium like 50 by 25 ufo and like flashes everynight i feel like iv got them watching over me cause everything with everything disclosed everytime i look at porn it gets shut of but when my freind looks it up nothing happens but that is how my ufo sighting whent

Surprise Arizona – March 21, 2020 @ 5:30am
It was clear in the early morning hours of March 21, 2020 and looking up in the sky I saw, coming out of the north west traveling to the south east a fleet of UFO’s like they were on patrol, cruising across the sky at a steady clip. At first I thought I was looking at a satellite, but then there was one after the other, evenly spaced out and three rows of them. Some closer to each other than others. I counted over two dozen before I stopped counting and They were moving a little bit faster than a satellite. I could tell they were in space. I’ve been viewing the skies for many decades and have never seen anything like this. About a week or so later, I was getting my mail at around 8:00pm and in the sky coming out of the south west to the north east I saw the same thing again. They were suddenly appearing one after the other coming from the direction of the Orion Constellation out of the south west. My neighbor was outside and I pointed them out to him and his wife and we watched in awe for about 10 to 15 minutes and then the were gone. Both times I counted over 35 of them. They weren’t planes, jets or the like and they made absolutely no noise. When ever I star gaze, I’m lucky to see 1 maybe 2 satellites a week.

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