WADESBORO — Purveyors of essential oils by day and ghost hunters by night, Kristie and Felicia Cowick, the two sole members of Anson Paranormal Society, have been investigating haunted locales across Anson County for a little over a year.

“I’ve always wanted to have a little group to investigate hauntings,” said Kristie. “We’ve been doing it with equipment for about a year now, but we’ve always gone to spooky places for fun.”

Kristie’s interest in the paranormal began at a young age. “I was a teenager. I woke up one morning at 4:23 a.m. and there was a woman standing at the foot of my bed holding a bouquet of flowers.”

For Felicia’s, her interest in the subject started after she and Kristie began seeing one another. “We were visiting Kristie’s dad at the cemetery when I saw a black shadow figure run past me and ever since then I’ve been searching for answers about the paranormal.”

Kristie and Felicia were married on Oct. 13, 2014, and were the first gay couple married in Anson County. “Somebody paid for our marriage license,” explained Felicia. “To this day, we still don’t know who. We thanked them in the Anson Record and we hope they saw it, whoever they were.”

The Anson Paranormal Society has investigated Salem Church Cemetery, Mount Vernon Cemetery, and the Boggan-Hammond House.

During these investigations, Felicia is responsible for recording and operating the video camera while Kristie uses the spirit box and conducts EMF readings. A spirit box is a radio scanner that looks for empty channels that spirits can supposedly speak through. EMF stands for “electromagnetic fields.”

EMF readers are typically used to diagnose problems with electrical wiring issues. Ghost hunters use the equipment to help detect spirits and paranormal activity.

“I was so nervous during my first investigation,” said Kristie. “Not knowing if I’ll encounter a spirit or if the spirit will communicate or not.”

The purpose of these investigations to try and collect evidence of the paranormal. Any evidence that’s gathered is shared on their Facebook page.

One video on the page is taken from the Anson Paranormal Society’s investigation of Salem Cemetery. “It’s of a golden orb going around mine and my cousin’s legs,” said Kristie.

Ghosts and spirits are thought by paranormal researchers to often take the form of glowing, flying orbs. Skeptics dismiss these “orbs” as tricks of light or dust particles shown out of focus on a video recording.

This cemetery investigation apparently didn’t sit well with one of its eternal residents.

“There’s a tombstone up there in Salem Cemetery that’s beside a big, old tree,” said Kristie. “There’s only one name on it: Patrick. I kneeled down there with my spirit box to get a reading and Patrick yelled at me.”

Some audio was also recorded at the Boggan-Hammond House. “We heard some sounds, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from,” said Felicia. “It sounded like footsteps behind us. Like old-fashion shoes on hardwood floors. We were both wearing tennis shoes, so it couldn’t have been us”

Kristie and Felicia believe that some hauntings are residual, meaning that the activity plays over and over again like a reel of film and doesn’t engage with the living. This activity is usually related to some intensely negative or traumatic events in the deceased’s life. “It’s like they are still living in their own time,” explained Kristie.

Other hauntings are believed to be intelligent and perpetrated by spirits that can see, hear, and communicate.

A haunted house, according to the Anson Paranormal Society, may exhibit phenomena such as objects being moved around, personality changes among the inhabitants, and the presence of “shadow people”.

At the end of an investigation, Kristie and Felicia always tell the spirits “goodbye.”

“Otherwise,” said Felicia, “they could follow you home.”

In the future, the Anson Paranormal Society would like the opportunity to investigate the upstairs of the Post Office, where they’ve heard reports of strange noises.

The Anson Paranormal Society has also heard reports of a ghostly child lurking the basement of the Hampton B. Allen Library.

“Down there in the basement, where the stage is, behind the curtain, you’ll hear something and it’ll make you want to look out into the audience,” said Felicia. “You’ll see a little girl wearing a Victorian-style white dress. It doesn’t give you an ‘I’m going to harm you’ feeling, but a more of a feeling of curiosity.”

If you have been hearing something go bump in the night, you can contact The Anson Paranormal Society via their Facebook Page to have them come check it out. “We just want the opportunity to investigate more places in Anson County,” said Kristie.

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Kristie wears a crucifix in honor of her father.

Kristie (left) and her wife, Felicia (right) conduct an investigation of the Anson Record using a spirit box.

A voice thought to say “help me” was picked up on an audio recording taken in the offices of the Anson Record. This is an example of EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

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