A recent appearance of an unidentified object sailing through the blue skies of the Austria caught a lot of media coverage. It could have been easily misconstrued as a white bird flying through the sky if it weren’t for its luminescence. The object could clearly be seen as glowing and radiating light as it hovered across the blue skyline. The viewers initially did not see anything weird in it, but their skepticism on the mystical origin of the object turned into conviction when the object suddenly vanished right in front of their eyes and a short while after appeared again. This, spectators thought, was only possible by some kind of very high tech device that could make an object invisible by reflecting all the light falling on it. This suspicion of spectators was corroborated by many scientists, who claimed that this kind of technology is still unknown in the realm of this planet. Clearly, whatever the object was, it did not belong to earth.

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