A team of ghosthunters will be coming to the aid of residents in Gedling and Calverton in the latest series of Help! My House is Haunted – which starts tomorrow (November 7).

The popular paranormal show returns to REALLY weekly at 10pm from Thursday and brings together three of the world’s leading paranormal investigators: British ghost hunter and paranormal consultant Barri Ghai; American medium and paranormal expert Chris Fleming and new addition to the team paranormal researcher and historian Jayne Harris.

By employing psychic communication techniques, detailed historical research, the latest paranormal detection equipment and all their extensive investigative experience, the team travel across the UK helping families reclaim their homes from unwelcome spirits. From lingering green mists to objects inexplicably being moved, the team answer the real appeals for help from people desperate for a solution to their paranormal problems.

In episode 10, two such people are Gedling residents, Lizzie and Geoff, who moved into their house last year – they could not believe their luck finding such a spacious home. Immediately strange things started happening, three pairs of glasses smashed on a carpeted floor, objects fell out of cupboards at night, a young relative said she saw a monster, and footsteps are heard when the rest of the house is empty.

help my house is haunted

Pictured: The Help! My House is Haunted team

Daughter Stephanie did a bit of online research about the property and discovered that Victorian cricketing legend Arthur Shrewsbury shot himself in the guest bedroom while visiting his sister. Is Arthur there hoping to cross over? The team investigates.

Being the most haunted county in the country, the investigative trio also visit Calverton in the series finale. The village is alive with paranormal activity, from the half-body ghost seen by drivers on St George’s Lane, to the apparitions in Witches’ Wood, to the many spirits in the local pub. The team attempt a HMHIH first as they carry out a multiple location investigation both indoors and out, to provide evidence of Calverton’s ghostly residents and to offer them and the current village dwellers some peace.

To find out more about the team’s investigations in Nottinghamshire and to see more ghostly goings-on, tune in to REALLY at 10pm on Thursdays.

Who was Arthur Shrewsbury?

PICTURED: Arthur Shrewsbury

Arthur Shrewsbury (11 April 1856 – 19 May 1903) was an English cricketer and rugby football administrator. He was widely rated as competing with W. G. Grace for the accolade of best batsman of the 1880s; Grace himself, when asked who he would most like in his side, replied simply, “Give me Arthur”.

One day complained of kidney pains during a match for Lenton United and during that winter consulted various doctors and specialists who could discover nothing seriously wrong with him.

On May 12, 1903 Shrewsbury bought a revolver from a local gunsmith. He returned a week later after having difficulty in loading the gun. The clerk found that Shrewsbury had the wrong bullets and supplied the correct ones.

Shrewsbury went to his bedroom that evening and shot himself first in the chest and then, when that did not prove fatal, in the head. His girlfriend, Gertrude Scott, found him bleeding from a head wound and by the time a doctor arrived Shrewsbury was dead.

At the inquest, held the following day, the coroner decided that Shrewsbury had committed suicide, his mind having been unhinged by the belief that he had an incurable disease.The coroner added that there was, however, no evidence to show Shrewsbury was suffering from a major illness.

Shrewsbury’s funeral took place two days after his death at All Hallows Church, Gedling.

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