Triangle UFO UK

This interesting UFO video of a bright unidentified flying object in triangular formation was filmed over Kelso in UK yesterday.

Witness report: I saw something last night that I’d like to share. This is in Kelso, Scottish borders. I could only see the white light that twinkled like a bright star and burned out like a flame and repeated that sequence which led me to record it, I was stunned. 17th May 2020 at 22.14 as you see in the video there are three lights of different colours. I couldn’t hear any sounds, it was windy so I assumed it to be a street light, but there is not street lighting up there!
I was freaked out, my sister suggested it might be a satellite but I read that satellites dont flash like that did, she said the video is beautiful and I shouldn’t be afraid!
I was too frightened to film any more

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