UFO ovni brazil

It seems like the alien invaders have expanded their search area from North America to South America. An unidentified object was seen flying through the sky in a city in Brazil. The person, who shot the video of the UFO was driving his car and suddenly he witnessed an outlandish object gliding past him in the sky and he paused to capture this strange event. As it can be seen in the video recording, an oval shaped object is visible gliding in the sky. There is also visible a streak of lights, four in number, flashing across the UFO body. Initially the lights were not visible but as the sun started setting and it began getting dark, the UFO turned the lights on perhaps to navigate its way in the dark. This kind of UFO design with streaks of light circumambulating it is seen very rarely on planet earth.

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Link: youtube.com/c/LUFOS-UFO

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