The sightings of oddly shapes objects floating in the skies is ever increasing. In a yet another sighting recorded from New Mexico, two strips of triangularly organised lights was seen flying across the skies in the twilight hours. All the lights seemed to form a part of the same big single spaceship (UFO) as all tue lights moved in perfect synchronicity. The front and the rear streak of lights each consisted of 4 different light sources arranged in such a pattern as to form an arrow end. Some viewers surmised that the object could have been an air plane but no known air plane on earth features the triangularly oriented lighting designs and plus the object was too close to the surface and emitting too low sound to be successfully considered an aircraft. The UFO, as can be seen in the video, was travelling toward the direction of tue desert, maybe it was trying to locate a safe position to land for spending the night, and what can be better than a secluded desert dune in the prodigious darkness of the moonless night.

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