Here’s one of the best UFO videos that I saw recently. It show a black triangular-shaped craft that was flying above Brooklyn, New York on Sunday, 5th July 2020.

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Witness report: Black triangular craft with center cutout and orbs/ spheres underneath. Was on my terrace in Greenpoint Brooklyn when i suddenly looked up and saw a black triangle with the center cut out and spheres underneath it. We have red hawks in the neighborhood which i thought at first but no flapping and way too big. So i thought maybe another drone and grabbed my phone to zoom and see….. right then it went to an altitude higher than the sun so I knew it wasn’t a commercial drone. Then I filmed 3 different planes flying by it, VERY closely which in comparison was confirmed to be much bigger than I originally thought. Zooming further the shape was also clear but a force field was apparent. A white glow around it. There was no sound but this IS a very loud city. It circled and almost flew like it was drunk….. I filmed on my phone and old Nikon coolpix hoping to use the better zoom. Then I grabbed my telescope and looked at it with my naked eye. My brain can NOT file what it saw and it almost seems to make me feel fatigued (still the day after)…. A TR3B is the only explanation, so far, that lines up……

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