Another great footage was reported today. This unidentified flying object was caught on tape in the night sky above South Abington Township in Pennsylvania on 22nd June 2020

Witness report: Light hovering then slowly moving away. I was sitting on my front porch talking on the phone when I noticed a bright light behind the neighbors house. It was slightly above the horizon line…I thought it may have been a street light from the development across the street…it was stationary for a good few minutes…then I noticed it starting to move slowly towards my house. After awhile it slightly turned away from my house and went in a straight line ever so slowly. Was it a drone? I fly drones and am pretty sure it wasn’t a drone. No blinking lights that I could see or rotor noise. It was completely silent. I also wondered if it was a plane? But where I live we see planes all the time on approach to the local airport. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a plane as I have seen many at night and they fly relatively low on approach. Then I wondered if the curvature of the earth could have made the flight path of an object I am not familiar with at night appear the way it did? I don’t know. This was relatively low flying in the sky. I captured it with my cell phone and also my home security cameras captured it from multiple angles. I am still unsure what it was. Too low to be a satellite, was not a helicopter, and pretty sure it wasn’t a plane. I’d like to know what this was.

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