Here’s one possible UFO footage of a cigar-shaped craft that appeared in the daytime sky above Lancaster, California. This happened back in February 2019 but it was just today released to MUFON.

Witness report: My boyfriend pointed out an object hovering over Pacific Palisades Our view was from the Manhattan pier in Manhattan Beach California. My boyfriends Phone was dead and I barely had a charge on my phone so I took it out and zoomed in as long as I could and stopped the video and saved it before my phone died. The object never moved at first we thought it was a blimp but again it never moved and the size of it was huge there are buildings below it and the size of it looks as big as possibly three buildings wide? I have tried to submit it to a news station but I don’t think I am sending it right. So I am hoping that you will be able to investigate this as to what it was and to rule out a blimp flying at that time. The time of the video is time dated on my video so the dates and times that I listed are accurate. Thank you

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