New daytime footage of a flying saucer hovering high in the sky above Red Lodge in Montana. This happened on 2nd July 2020.

Witness report: Translucent, tic tac like ufo photographed and filmed in Montana. On July 2nd, at 4pm, on a very sunny day, with just a couple clouds, I saw something strange in the sky that looked like stars. There were about 4-5 of them lined up in a star like pattern. Frustrated with poor quality iPhone photos, I went inside my shop and got my HD Canon camera, 210 mm telephoto lens and Tripod.Once I got a good photo I knew I was looking at something out of this world. I could only really see it with the telephoto lens. To my eyes, it just looked like a dot.So I started taking as many photos and video as I could. I was able to take photographs of two UAP’s. The first was further away and the second was closer.The closest one was the easiest to film. Once I started filming it, I could see the object was slowly drifting to the East. Maintaining the same elevation it looked like. It drifted slower than the occasional cloud that drifted by. You can see this in the video. Fortunately, I filmed the object centered in between a telephone wire and telephone pole was a sense of distance and size.I filmed until my camera died at 4:31 pm. The objects were still slowly drifting just north of town when I had to go back to work. They were gone when I was done with work at 5.I learned more about the object while editing the photos and videos in post. In adobe premiere, I was able to zoom in enough on the object to see that it was rotating, pulsing, changing shape slightly, morphing, etc.I made a video and have just recently uploaded it to YouTube. I document my experience as best I can in the vid and show all the photos and videos I took.It was in the editing process that I realized this could be one of the tic tac ufos. The thing sounds like the pilots describe.I would appreciate y’all investigating this further.

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