The stars of This Country spent one of their first nights out after lockdown trying a ouija board at a ‘haunted’ pub in Wotton-under-Edge.

Daisy May and Charlie Cooper were served up a different kind of spirit during their trip to The Ancient Ram Inn.

The 12th century boozer called last orders years ago but is built on a pagan burial site and is said to be home to numerous ghosts.

The cult duo chose to head there instead of their local in the Cotswolds for a secret lock-in following the relaxation of coronavirus rules.

They took part in a spirit session during which they claim to have made contact with ‘Beth’, a resident of The Ram Inn around 650 years ago.

But the pair declined to confirm if ‘This Country’ would be returning for a fourth series – although a veiled comment from Daisy May might give hope to some fans.

Charlie, who plays Lee ‘Kurtan’ Mucklowe in the BBC Three comedy, said the two are hooked on hunting poltergeists.

He said: “This is a pilgrimage for us. I’ve not actually had a direct ghost experience, though I’m keen to find out more of the stories that lie behind hauntings.

“I recently spent the night in the most haunted room at Jamaica Inn, on Bodmin Moor. It was terrifying and I had my head under the covers all night.”

Daisy May, who plays Kurtan’s cousin Kerry in the show, said: “I’ve always wanted to come here and you’d think it would be terrifying, but I actually like the feel of this place.

“It’s got so many layers of history, the fabric of the building that has been so many things, including a possible church and a woollen mill, as well as an inn.

“It has absorbed the lives of so many, so that’s like an energy that could spill out.

“To be honest, it’s just amazing to go out and be like a normal human – life in lockdown with my daughter Pip can be exhausting.

“Pip’s pet fish died the other day and when we had a funeral and flushed it down the loo she said: ‘Mummy, I’ll never go to heaven’.

“When I asked her why, she said ‘because I’m too big to go down that hole!’.”

The brother and sister siblings also brought along their real-life mum, Gillor, for the ghostly experience.

Tours are run by pub-owner Caroline Humphries, who grew up in The Ram Inn and who claims she witnessed her bedroom furniture being thrown down the stairs by an invisible energy as a young girl.

The spirit-contacting session was arranged by psychic medium Jessica May, who regularly appears on the digital channel Psychic TV.

Daisy May, who is pregnant and expecting her second child, sought reassurance that any attempts to speak to the “other side” wouldn’t impact her health.

Jessica said: “I carried out lots of protective healing and when we sat down upstairs to use the Ouija board, in the Witches’ Bedroom, we all agreed to open an energy pathway for good spirits only.”

The group then undertook the session using the Ouija board, placing their fingers on the guiding planchette.

They asked a series of questions which triggered movement across the board and soon led to an apparent reply from ‘Beth’, who lived at Ram some 650 years ago and died there in 1379.

Daisy May then asked: “Are you happy?”, to which the board revealed ‘Beth’ was.

The comedy star asked further questions about heaven and hell – before Jess’s dog suddenly sat up and barked at an empty chair in front of a dressing table, in the corner of the room.

Energy meters, positioned to measure magnetic field disturbance, also came to life and began to flash red.

Visibly shaken by the change of atmosphere in the room, Daisy May said: “I’m always quite sceptical about Ouija boards and things, but when I put my finger on it I felt like there was an energy on it.

“When the dog started reacting and the flashers flashing, that was weird.”

Despite her fears though, Daisy May moved to the dressing table and sat at it.

She then said to the spirit: “Could you just show yourself by moving this toy?” and pointed to a cuddly bear at her side – which stayed still.

She added: “If that moved an inch there would literally be diarrhoea all over the floor!”

The famous siblings spent the rest of the night trying to make contact with the other side and Jessica even gave the pair private readings.

But before dawn broke, there was one remaining mystery that might just be answered without the help of paranormal science: are there any signs that ‘This Country’ will come back from the dead?

The pair revealed little, but in response to one quirky anecdote Daisy May said: “That’s so funny. It will be perfect for ‘This Country’.”

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