Naz Fulton ain’t afraid of no ghost — which is why she started Muskoka Hauntings for the community to share spooky stories.

Fulton, who lives in Bracebridge and teaches at Muskoka Beechgrove Public School, created the Facebook group in July. It had 740 members at press time.

“I have been in love with ghost stories since I was little,” said Fulton. “I would stay up too late reading them and then I would have trouble going to sleep.”

“I never really grew out of it, so now I love reading horror and I listen to a lot of horror podcasts,” she said.

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And that is what inspired Muskoka Hauntings.

The group offers people a platform to read and share personal experiences with the supernatural that are set in houses and historical places across Muskoka.

“Some of them are truly really scary — I do not recommend that people read them before bed. Some of them have been really sweet, some of them have been really funny and some of them have just been really bizarre,” she said.

She was surprised by the group’s quick popularity but said that “everybody loves a good ghost story.”

“That’s why horror is such a big genre,” she said. “We love the supernatural, we love the paranormal.”

“We love hearing each other’s stories and sharing our own stories. We humans are all storytellers in the end,” said Fulton.

Fulton says she doesn’t actually believe in ghosts but that when she was little, she would tell her parents that there was a woman in her grandmother’s apartment in Istanbul, Turkey.

“The family lore is that I was talking to my great grandmother,” she said.

She hopes to use the stories to create a podcast or a book someday and says that anyone who is interested can join the Facebook group.

“Muskoka is a really charming and kind of quirky place and I think it would be interesting to have a book or a podcast that reflects the personal narratives, the first hand accounts of people and their experiences with ghosts and the paranormal in Muskoka,” said Fulton.

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