Imagine this: A person making my ice cream sundae dropped the top scoop on the counter, and then proceeded to pick it up with bare hands and smash it back into place.

“Do you mind?” they said, before serving it.

I would have been horrified on a normal day, but my disgust reached new limits considering we are in the midst of a pandemic.

I wrote this off as an ice cream anomaly, until my trauma reemerged about two weeks later during another experience at a different destination. I’ll spare you the details, saying only it had to do with a barehanded fist full of Rolos on a humid day.

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Also, I couldn’t get behind putting cream cheese on everything, as Nebraskans seem to love, or learn to appreciate the famous fried fish flap sandwich at the Joe Tess Place in Omaha. I still have no idea what a fish flap is.

But, whether it be to win a boatload of free goodies or feel the accomplishment of stamping a newly visited place, I recommend this adventure to everyone. It is unlike anything available in other states. There’s some time and travel involved, but the drive offered the discovery of a love for Nebraska.

In between exploring, I also found time to fit in some work. I feel fortunate the Lincoln Journal Star took a chance on a West Coast girl during a period when many student internships were canceled, giving me the opportunity to help cover some of the most newsworthy events of my lifetime.

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