WHERE THE TOUR BUSES DON’T GO: An Anecdote for the Social Distancing Blues
Got the Covid-19 Social Distancing Blues? Glenview, Illinois author Gerry Lekas has written a quirkey new book that will get you out of the house and into your car to explore the most unusual sides of Chicagoland… without ever having to stand in a line, bump into a crowd, or squirt your hands with sanitizer. 
Where the Tour Buses Don’t Go is a guide for those who would like to learn the real stories and see the actual places behind ghastly crimes, unsolved mysteries, ghostly hauntings, and nefarious deeds of the Chicago Outfit, as well as homes of noted celebrities with Chicago roots. 
Chicago tour bus excursions whisk passengers to a limited number of well-known sites mostly near the Loop. While fun and entertaining, these tours only touch the surface of the vast reservoir of dark deeds and paranormal events running throughout Chicagoland’s streets and alleyways. There is more, much more, to explore.  Armed with a GPS and Lekas’ book, intrepid explorers can choose from over 200 locations (on over 100 subjects) to plot customized car tours to sites that pique their interest.  

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