Ghost hunting may be a terrifying prospect for some but one enthusiast is encouraging people to give it a try – once they’re able to leave the safety of their homes.

Abi Allen, from Rainham, runs a blog for all things ghoul related in Kent.

Abi has spoken about the social benefits of hunting ghosts as a group. Picture: Sean Aidan

Abi, who works in marketing, said: “I know there are so many people who won’t get it, but it’s one of my favourite hobbies.

“It’s a great way to meet people. You meet people from different walks of life that you would never normally meet and I have become really good friends with some of them.

“Another reason I enjoy it so much is that I get to see so many historical sites and buildings in a completely different way to most people.

“For those few hours, it doesn’t matter what job you do, where you live, whether you have children or how much make-up you wear.

“It only costs £30-£40, and who doesn’t spend that on a night out?”

A collection of equipment Abi uses for ghost hunting. Picture: Sean Aidan

She has visited sites all over Kent, with Fort Amherst in Khartoum Road, Chatham and Slough Fort in Brimp Road, Allhallows being the most haunted spots.

The 31-year-old hunts for ghosts as part of Paranormal Shadow Investigations and River End Paranormal, which organises the events.

Founder of River End Paranormal Marcus Lawrence has been a paranormal investigator for nine years.

He said: “We investigate historic venues and like to rent from trusts and charities like Slough Fort and the Drop Redoubt Fort as we know our money will go towards restorations.

“We consider ourselves a private hobby group and generally do investigations with around 8-10 people, normally clubbing together with other smaller groups and people.

“I love reading Abi’s blogs and have enjoyed following her trials and tribulations in the paranormal as well as her experiences in haunted locations.

“It’s especially interesting when her blogs are on an investigation that she was out with River End and we realise that she has had the same experiences as us, but separate from us.

“It has been interesting and enjoyable to watch Abi’s “Library of the Unexplained” grow with every blog she does and I look forward to seeing it blossom further in the future.”

In one trip to Slough Fort, Abi heard a chilling hiss followed by someone whispering her name.

She wrote on her blog: “It took a while for something to happen, but the motion detectors were set off for no logical explanation.

Abi spotted a misty figure at the top of the stairs at Drop Redoubt Fort in Dover after she enhanced the image. Pictures: Abi Allen

“Naturally we went down to investigate, which was when I heard a breath right up close to my ear.

“I assumed it was one of the others standing next to me as I knew someone was there, but when I turned to look, he was on the other side of the room and had been for a while.

“This meant this was neither his breath nor his presence I felt next to me.”

To find out more about Abi’s investigations visit her blog.

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