Here’s one new video of an unknown lights hovering in the sky above Redwood in New York. This happened on 6th September 2020.

Witness report: Saw hovering then gliding across the lake in our direction. We were at our family’s camp on Butterfield lake when we saw the object across the lake. It had white lights with a center red light. It was flashing. I took a picture. My sister in law and I looked threw binoculars at it and saw the lights flashing. There is no cell tower across the lake. I took a video of it. My daughter and I were walking up the hill to the bathroom and my sister in law yelled that it was moving. I ran down the hill in time to see it gliding slowly across the lake and went to the right of us just behind the tree lines of our vision. I took a video. You can here crickets in the video as we were all stunned it made no noise at all…and moved extremely slow. About 30 seconds after we couldnt see it anymore we could hear a jet or jets above us to our left moving right the same direction as this craft. This was a sunday night and a holiday weekend and we have never heard jets before. There were 4 adults and 3 children 13 and up that witnessed this event.

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