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John Koerner Paranormal Walks

The night sky provides an eerie backdrop to a ghost tour in Medina led by John Koerner of Paranormal Walks. For 2020, the walks are being kept to 50 people with social distancing requirements.

There are a lot of things to be scared of in 2020, and the last thing you may need is ghosts added to that list. However, Paranormal Walks and Haunted History Ghost Walks are running and ready to send chills up your spine.

The tours use local history paired with eyewitness encounters and folklore to provide context as to why a location is experiencing paranormal activity.

Haunted History Ghost Walk is led by Mason Winfield, the notable area paranormal historian who has written 12 books on the subject.

“It’s a delightful position to be able to help people understand and commemorate their own history in their own backyard,” Winfield said. He strives to preserve supernatural folklore tales, and document history as we live it. “If nobody writes this stuff down, it’s not going to be remembered. Someday somebody’s going to want to know what people who were living right now were thinking.”

Winfield works to keep Haunted History Ghost Walks a well-rounded, educational experience. “I teach them about the terminology of parapsychology, I talk a lot about architecture and history, all kinds of things that they don’t think could be connected to local ghost stories,” Winfield said.

John Koerner, a researcher and the founder of Paranormal Walks, now in its ninth year, said his walks cover the entire range of the paranormal including, “Ghosts, UFOs, strange creatures, demonic possession, secret societies, remote viewing, curses, occult murders, although most of our stories are about hauntings,” Koerner said.

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