Co-founder of Paranormal Hunters UK, Daniel Chamberlain, has investigated properties across Sussex for spooky goings-on.

But now the group hopes to start ghost hunting in Horsham.

Daniel, 57, from Chailey, said: “We would like to investigate if you have got a haunted place.

A ‘white shadow’ spotted by ghost hunters at Lewes Priory. Photo courtesy of Paranormal Hunters UK

“Ghosts come in all sorts of forms.”

But Daniel said ghost hunters don’t always find evidence of paranormal activity.

He added: “We have also got to be open minded that it might not be [ghosts].

“We don’t just accept everything that’s put in front of us.”

Daniel said his group, which explores supernatural sites across Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, uses a variety of camera equipment to detect ghosts.

Paranormal Hunters UK has 14 members, and has carried out cleansings and exorcisms of supernatural sites.

Daniel said one of the ‘nicest’ examples of paranormal activity he has seen was in Pulborough.

He added: “It was the loveliest haunting.

“It was a woman and a child I believe.

“It was one of the nicest hauntings I have ever been too.”

Daniel said the woman living at the house was quite happy for the ghosts, one of whom was called Alma, to stay in residence.

Contrary to popular belief, Daniel said ghost hunting can be done in the day time as well as at night.

But he added that the moon, a lack of people and improved camera conditions are the benefits of evening ghost hunts.

If you know of a haunted spot which you think Paranormal Hunters UK should investigate, call Daniel on 07745 205523, co-founder Barry Depp on 07834 833521 or email

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