If you’ve experienced something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters weren’t available, but we’ve spoken to paranormal investigator Barri Ghai of Help My House is Haunted fame and Leader Furniture to get his expert opinion on how to tell if your house is haunted.

According to ghost hunter Barri, a sudden drop in temperature is the number one sign your house has a spirit. So if you find yourself turning up the thermostat but still shivering it could be a signal that your home has an unwanted visitor.

You may also experience electrical disturbances or phantom smells. These smells can range from the pleasant scent of a bunch of flowers to something a little less delightful, like rotting meat or strong tobacco.

Here are paranormal expert Barri’s Top ten signs your house is haunted:

1. You experience unexplained temperature drops usually confined to specific areas. 

A drop in temperature is one of the more subtle signs that your house may be haunted. While in movies this drop in temperature is often shown as being so freezing that the characters can see their breath in front of them, in real life the shift in temperature isn’t always quite as dramatic. Quick fluctuations in temperature are a good indicator of paranormal activity, so if you have a shiver in your spine it may be one of the first signs that you’re not alone…

2. You have feelings of being watched when alone.

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That tingling sensation you get when you feel you’re being spied on isn’t always in your head. Our minds can be sensitive to what our conscious awareness can’t perceive. The hair on the back of your neck standing up or the sensation of someone standing close behind you can be indicators of a paranormal presence.

3. You may hear unexplained noises like footsteps, bangs or crashes with no logical explanation.

Auditory phenomena such as footsteps in an otherwise empty house or bangs and crashes in an unoccupied area of the home can indicate that there’s a spirit present. While this doesn’t always indicate a malevolent presence, hearing noises that can’t be explained can be a frightening and unwelcome experience.

4. You may experience unusual smells usually like perfume, tobacco, flowers, rotten meat, sulphur or burning.

There are all kinds of scents that can occur around the home. However, if you smell perfume in a home where no-one wears fragrance or the scent of tobacco in a house of non-smokers, you may have a supernatural visitor. Not all paranormal smells are pleasant – reports of the smell of sulphur, rotten meat or burning are rife among those who’ve had paranormal experiences.

5. You might be experiencing electrical disturbances usually affecting lights, TVs, radios or cookers.

Electricity is one of the easiest ways for spirits to make their presence known and flickering lights are one of the most common electrical disturbances. In a world where our attention is so focused on electrical devices, if a supernatural entity is trying to make contact with you, disturbing electrical appliances from TVs to radios and more is one of the most effective ways to get your attention!

6. You might find objects disappear and then reappear in different parts of the home.

If objects around your home are never where you think you left them, it might not just be you being forgetful. Mischievous spirits have been known to move items such as keys from one side of the house to the other – all in the name of making your day more difficult? Who knows, but if small objects have a tendency to disappear and reappear somewhere else, there could be a paranormal explanation.

7. You could come face to face with a ghost. This might be an apparition, smoke-like shape, dark shadow person or even a full-bodied manifestation.

Coming face to face with a ghost isn’t something most people are able to process. You may be inclined to pass it off as a trick of the light or similar, but if you can believe what your eyes are seeing then you’ve got some solid evidence that your house is haunted. Remember that even if you’re not seeing a full-bodied manifestation, experiences with apparitions and shadows are just as valid.

8. You could experience feelings of sudden static discharge or the ‘smell’ of electricity.

Electromagnetic energy is one of the key pieces of evidence that paranormal investigators will use when trying to prove a supernatural entity is present. Even without technology, you can identify fluctuations in electromagnetic energy by feeling sudden static discharge (a mild electric shock) or even smelling the distinct scent of electricity which as been described as a clean, chlorine-esque burning smell.

9. You might witness objects moving on their own.

It’s understood that your run of the mill ghost is unlikely to have enough oomph to move the furniture around, but objects moving of their own accord could the sign that you’ve got a poltergeist in residence. Translating literally as ‘noisy ghost’, poltergeists tend to step up activity from making small objects disappear and reappear and instead can make bigger objects move or levitate.

10. You could be unlucky enough to experience physical interaction including being touched by invisible hands. 

Physical content is rare, but not unheard of in a domestic haunting. Feeling an invisible hand on your shoulder of feeling someone brush past you could be a sign that a spirit is present. In even rarer cases where there’s a malevolent spirit in residence, you may find scratches or bruises on your body that you can’t explain.

If you think your house may be haunted, Barri recommends that you first try and look for the most logical explanation first before entertaining the idea that you may be sharing your home with spirits.

Record everything, document experiences and try to capture the phenomena on camera. If evidence is gathered successfully, contact a professional paranormal investigator.

Most hauntings are the result of spirits who have been unable to successfully “move over” to the other side. So once confirmation of a haunting has been officially established, speak to a psychic, medium or clairvoyant who may be able to help cross the spirit over and subdue the entity. 

Need a professional opinion? You can find Barri Ghai on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and his website: www.barrighai.com

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