DiBello said the group never sets out to prove that a property is haunted, but that it isn’t haunted. And though he doesn’t want to divulge too many of the group’s findings at the mansion before Conti’s mini-documentary is released, the ones shared on its Facebook page hint at two eventful nights. An SLS camera, which uses an infrared grid to detect movements invisible to the naked eye, captured what DiBello believes is a tall figure. Another clip shows two figures in a hallway. But perhaps the best evidence the group has released thus far is audio.

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Soul Searchers Paranormal Research on Monday, October 26, 2020

In the basement, two Soul Searchers attempted to communicate with what they believed was a presence there. After they asked if that’s where the presence died, a man’s voice can be heard saying “yeah.” And near the basement stairs, the group captured another instance of what DiBello called electronic voice phenomena — an agonized man yelling, “Will somebody help me?”

“It’s clear as day,” DiBello said of the clips. “To us, that was pretty cool.”

The Soul Searchers founder believes the man could be Vernon Dewey, husband of Virginia (Pastushan) Dewey, who sold the Auburn Castle to Connelly. Vernon passed away in 2001 after a heart attack at the home, DiBello said. More than a century earlier, the first lady of the house, Jeanie (McAllister) Laurie, also passed away there after a flu-like illness. The mansion was built for her husband, Auburn Woolen Mill Superintendent Samuel Laurie, to resemble the manors of his native Scotland. It would serve as the home of several subsequent superintendents before being bought by the Pastushan family.

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