A MOTHER and daughter paranormal investigation team from Falmouth is attracting a big following after an encounter with a “ghost dog”.

Candy Collins and her mother Suzanne have had a passion for all things paranormal for many years, but after they captured the image of what appears to be a dog at Kennall Vale Nature Reserve, their popularity has soared.

Candy, who lives just off Trescobeas Road, said: “We did our first facebook live event a couple of weeks ago and it was actually one of our followers that pointed out the dog.

“It’s so exciting because people can come on a journey with us. It’s something people can relate to and get involved in.”

On a Friday evening in mid-January, they visited the Ponsanooth beauty spot around 7pm and the video clearly shows a four-legged, dog-like shape moving away from the camera.

Since the images of the dog were aired, they have more than 4,000 followers of their Cornish Ghost Whispers facebook page. The full version of the video (around 15 minutes) at normal speed is available on the page.

Although the pair enjoy brushes with the “other side”, they take no chances before they head out.

“You have to embrace it, you have to be alert. We always say prayers before we go and we wear protective necklaces when we go out,” said Suzanne, who lives in Budock.

Falmouth Packet:

The scene of the “ghost dog” in Kennall Vale Nature Reserve

She has experienced activity from a young age, including children’s voices in her kitchen when there was nobody there; something trying to get out of a wardrobe and people running up and down her stairs.

During their trips they use a trigger object sensor, which lights up when paranormal activity is detected. They also carry a ghost box and a magnetic field magnet.

“We’re looking for lost people and try to show them the light, so they can go back home safely,” she added.

The ghost dog excursion is one of several trips in the area which has yielded spooky results.

Candy said: “We went to Penmere Station after a man told us he was on his way home when he saw two Victorian children beckoning to him to go down the track.

“When we went up there the trigger sensor went off and our shoulders were burning hot.”

On another occasion when they were at St Gluvias Church, there was a transparent grey object floating up and down and “something” threw the trigger sensor, which hit Suzanne after she had placed it down.

They also visited the oldest pub in south Wales and heard children in a confined cell inviting them to “come and play” in the background.

Candy and her mum have since conducted another facebook live recording at Kennall Vale and are planning more in the future.

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