Alan Godfrey Abduction

On November 28, 1980, Alan Godfrey was in his patrol car driving along Todmorden, West Yorkshire to investigate reports of a cattle roaming around the area. While driving, he noticed a bright light ahead of him and believed it was a bus. However, as he got closer towards the object, it became apparent that it was a rotating UFO hovering above the road.

All of a sudden, Godfrey noticed a burst of light and lost sight of the UFO. He got back to the police station and found out that he had lost around 25 minutes of time. And he discovered a split in the sole of one of his boots. He also had a red mark on his foot that was itchy.

Later, he underwent hypnotic regression, and it was found out that he was taken from the car and brought to a craft. While on a ship, he reportedly spotted a humanoid and robot-like beings in a black skull cap.

UFO researchers have examined several videotapes of the hypnosis session. They concluded that Godfrey’s experience has had a negative impact on his life and that he had told the truth about his unusual experience as he had nothing to gain by just making up a story about it.

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