The Cohasset Maritime Museum is believed to be haunted and will be featured in an upcoming episode of "The Hozer Files," a paranormal investivative series on the Travel Channel.

COHASSET – The “Witches of Eastwick,” which filmed here in 1986, have come and gone but the ghosts said to haunt the town have never left.

Even if you don’t believe in the ghosts, witches, wizards or werewolves, this time of year – Halloween is four weeks away – might force you to think again, especially in Cohasset, a tiny seaside town founded in 1770 with a big haunted history. Some of those spooky stories will be told in upcoming episode of “The Holzer Files,” a Travel Channel docuseries investigating the hair-raising findings of America’s first ghost hunter, Dr. Hans Holzer. The episode is titled “Devil in the Rock” and airs at 10 p.m. Dec. 10.

Albeit of unknown origin, legend has it that at least four ghosts haunt town hall. Built in 1857, the Italianate-style structure originally included three subterranean jail lockups. It’s believed they are the source of mysterious sounds first heard near the turn of the last century. The phenomena drew the curiosity of Connecticut’s Enfield Paranormal Society in 2008, when it staked out the building with infrared night-vision cameras, a spectral-energy detector, and a digital voice recorder for locating the presence of electromagnetic fields. It was a set-up straight out of “Ghostbusters.” Investigators found evidence of poltergeist activity, including banging and heavy breathing in the basement cell area. They also captured an attic door slamming shut for an unexplainable reason.

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One spine-tingling tale purports one specter is a male prisoner who was jailed in the 1870s. “He was a poor, transient guy who turned to a life of crime,” said Pat Martin, a member of the Cohasset Historical Society. “He doesn’t like to be bothered. He has lots of energy and is very angry. He likes to be left alone.”

Martin said she was first spooked by this ghost back in 1997 when she was alone in town hall one night. She said she believes she captured the ghost on camera during the paranormal society’s investigation. “I caught his reflection in a door,” she said.

The ghost of Edward Tower, the town’s first sewer commissioner and engineer, is another restless spirit believed to roam the halls at 41 Highland Ave.