Haunting hints and possible features for whatever the new Sims 4 pack is. Let’s take a look.

The Sims 4 team dropped a few hints about a new upcoming pack on Monday. While we don’t like to speculate don’t want to get too carried away with speculation, we do have some ideas about what we can expect if the next Sims 4 pack were to be a Haunted/Paranormal type of pack.

We are pretty sure that the next pack is going to be something from another realm, seriously – there was an actual ghost emoji in one of the hints from the Gurus – but we just have to emphasise that, at the time of writing, nothing had been official confirmed just yet.

What players might expect from a ‘Happy Haunts’ Sims 4 pack

We don’t know for sure whether this will be a stuff, game or expansion pack – but we have an inkling it will be a game pack.

We also don’t know what it will be called – we’re running with Happy Haunts because that was one of the options in the community voted stuff pack which eventually became Nifty Knitting.   

Whatever it is, there will be at least some features taken from the Happy Haunts features listed during that voting process.

All will be revealed on 12 January, but what’s the fun in waiting until then when we have all this time to speculate about the new Sims 4 pack?

During the first-round of voting for the community stuff pack, Happy Haunts featured these possible options.

  • Ghost Hunter Freelance Career: Have your Sim join the Ghost Hunter Freelancer Career and travel the world capturing spirits…for a price. Upgrade equipment, market the business, and make a living by chasing the dead. Consolidate the essence of the vanquished ghosts and summon spirits to do your Sim’s bidding.
  • Séance Table & Spirit Board: Use the Séance Table to commune with departed spirits. Grab a friend and the Spirit Board to engage spirits and receive messages from beyond. Befriend wayward spirits that remain tethered to this world. Fulfil their goals, then help the spirits choose: move on, or join your household.
  • Psychic Freelancer Career: Join the Psychic Freelancer Career. Use mystic cards to tell fortunes from home, or set up a table in the park to tell the fortunes of passers-by. Run a website to offer online readings, horoscopes, and vlogs. Earn extra income as a telephone psychic.
  • Grim Reaper Freelancer Career: Ease Grim’s workload by preventing deaths, or reaping souls. Follow the tenets of the Grim Reaper Society and uphold the sacred laws, or build your personal wealth by letting Sims live longer… for a price.
  • Haunted House Lot Trait: The Haunted House lot Trait attracts spirits to your Sim’s home. Some are helpful, some are tricksters, and some are evil poltergeists. Complete rituals to exorcise these evil spirits or they may take up permanent residence and scare your Sims away from their home for good.

Haunting hints from previous Sims 4 surveys

Way back when, before the first Sims 4 expansion pack was even released, there was also a survey that included some possible future gameplay options that might be included in the new Sims 4 paranormal pack (if that’s what it is, of course).

There was also a “Dangerous Stuff” option in the first-ever community voted pack. Some of the options from those as well as possible features for a “supernatural pack” which were part of a very early Sims 4 survey are listed below.

Sims 4 Super Natural / Paranormal pack possible features

Explore the mysterious world of the Supernatural where you’ll be able to create vampires, elementals, or even supernatural friends to help you around the house.

You’ll also be able to discover mysterious run stones that allow you to control the elements. However, be careful how your Sims live, or the dead may return as mischievous spirits to torment your Sims and their emotions.

Details/Features for a Sims 4 Paranormal/Ghosts pack

Spirits: Spirits will haunt and take over unsuspecting Sims and objects, creating surprising stories for all.

Elementals: Play as a Sim that has the power over one of the four natural elements: Fire, Water, Earth, or Wind.

Assemble A Monster: Discover how to assemble your very own monster and bring it to life.

Rune Collections: Collect runes, learn their secrets, and use them to control the elements.

Added Customization: Customize your Sims’ appearances in new ways by adjusting their fingernails and fangs, editing their tattoos, and customizing visual effects that your Sims get to bask in.

Pleasant Rest Cemetery

Uncover the secrets of the graveyard! Explore the crypts, befriend a ghost, and help put the restless spirits to rest.

Dangerous Stuff: Live life on the edge by subjecting your Sims to new dangers that celebrate the afterlife. Potential areas of focus include Sim deaths, funeral experiences, and the Grim Reaper.

Graveyards coming to The Sims 4 in the new pack?

Some of these features have been added through packs already and some have appeared in a slightly altered version.

The Sims 4: Snowy Escape expansion pack also added a graveyard, but not the graveyard lot trait. Graveyards or cemeteries has been a feature of The Sims ever since the Goths had their own one at their house in the first edition of the game, so it would be only (super)natural to see that added in any sort of afterlife pack.

Perfect for all the ghosts from the incredible Fishy Save File which adds several generations to The Sims 4. It’ll be booootiful. Sorry, not sorry.

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