Get ready to get glued to your seats again as Ghost Nation Season 2 Episode 14 will soon be aired on Travel Channel. The documentary has amassed a lot of viewers and amazing ratings since its premiere. The number of seasons that the show has released so far clearly explains its popularity among the audience. Having released its first episode back in 2019, the show has a long way to go. In the article, we will tell you everything about the upcoming episode, its release date, and what all you can expect from it. Just read the article till the end and know the answers to your questions!

Ghost Nation returns with new episode

Starring Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango, Ghost Nation is one of today’s best TV shows. Paranormal television has always been intriguing for people, and Ghost Nation is no exception. The American TV show is based on a paranormal investigation and can unnerve anyone with its scary and gore scenes. This explains why this TV series is one of the most popular shows of Ping Pong Productions. To know the next episode’s release date, just jump to the following section of the article!

Ghost Nation Season 2, Episode 14 Release Date and Where to Watch?

Titled “Phantom Fury,” Ghost Nation Season 2 Episode 14 will be released on January 16, 2021, at 9:00 PM( New York Time) on Travel Channel. The episode is likely to run for 60 minutes. Each episode of the show is dropped on Saturday. Thus, following the same pattern, the upcoming episode will be released on Saturday. So, you can certainly catch up on your favorite show this weekend!

Ghost Nation Season 2 Episode 14 to be released on Travel Channel soon

The previous episode was released a week before, on January 9, 2016. It was titled “Do Not Disturb” and observed a runtime of 60 minutes. Well, if you don’t have access to this broadcasting network, that is, Travel Channel, you can switch to OTT platforms as the show is also streamed globally on Fubo TV as well as DirecTV. So, this Saturday, don’t forget to watch Ghost Nation Season 2 Episode 14 and miss out on all the jump scare scenes that the show has to offer!

Ghost Nation Storyline: What is this TV series all about?

This documentary series spirals around three paranormal investigators who are all pundits in their respective fields. Jason Hawes is the narrator of the series and one of the paranormal pioneer. Along with the other tie investigators, he tries to unravel the mysteries of the bizarre world of Ghost Nation. They help the local investigators and visit places to deal with evil powers. They aim at restoring peace in both the “worlds.”

The three ghost hunters of Ghost Nation

The mission does sound pretty interesting. Isn’t it? Well, although it sounds easy, it is not exactly a piece of cake for them. They have to communicate with the deadly ghosts and face near-death experiences. Despite all the haunting experiences, they don’t give up. And rise again to help the local people and accomplish their mission. The story of Ghost Nation is pretty similar to that of Kindred Spirits. Although Kindred Spirits are not as “fresh” as Ghost Nation, it surely is one of the best doc series today. And if you are into paranormal television, both of these must be on your watch-list.

Ghost Nation: Critics’ Reviews and Ratings

With an IMDb rating of 6/10, Ghost Nation has been getting mixed reviews. Most of the viewers didn’t find it as engaging as other paranormal shows. Some are upset because of the super bright flashlights everywhere, while others didn’t want Kris and Amy to leave. Many people also revealed that they liked watching the TV series in the beginning. Although the early episodes were engaging and kept the spectators gripped till the end, the makers failed to keep the consistency.

Ghost Nation- A lackluster paranormal show

But that’s not all. Even though some critics didn’t find the plot much interesting, some viewers did like all the paranormal investigators’ chemistry. They love the way they uncover mysteries and safeguard the local people. Overall, if you can strike a chord with the show since the beginning, you will certainly find Ghost Nation amusing or thrilling till the end!

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