A new and exciting docu-series just launched via The Paranormal Network! It’s called That Bigfoot Show, and you can now watch the pilot episode “Is Bigfoot Real?” in the embed at the top of the article! 

Here’s the official synopsis of the series:

Hey, it’s That Bigfoot Show! Yea, that one! Just like these mysterious creatures, this show will keep you guessing. Prepare for fun yet informative content about the legend that is Sasquatch aka Bigfoot… or whatever you want to call them. That Bigfoot Show will cover everything from recent activity, historic sightings, pop cultural impact & even interviews with witnesses and cryptozoologists who have encountered and studied these majestic hairy beasts. This is a series for believers and skeptics alike (even though the skeptics are wrong) and will try our very best to take an honest look at the worldwide phenomenon that is Bigfoot… because this is That Bigfoot Show

And here’s the description of the first episode, “Is Bigfoot Real?“:

In this pilot episode of That Bigfoot Show we take a deep-dive into the reasons our trusted host (Taylor James Johnson) believes the legends of these mysterious “monsters” are true. His lifelong passion for cryptozoology has led to many “adventures” that opened his mind to believe in such things. Will he convince you that these creatures are real? Or is he just a crazy man walking through the woods ranting to a camera? Or maybe a little of both… find out for yourself on the first ever episode of That Bigfoot Show!

Meanwhile, That Bigfoot Show – edited and hosted By Taylor James Johnson, produced by John Fallon, and executive produced by Berge Garabedian  will premiere new episodes monthly exclusively on the Paranormal Network, which is all about ghost-hunting, UFOs and aliens, as well as Big Foot and all other paranormal activities in our world today.

So what do you guys think? Believe in Bigfoot? If so, why or why not? Either way, sound off below!


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