This triangular formation of lights was filmed over Kearney, MO on 6th February 2021.

Witness report: We leaving my mother in law’s house and driving out of her subdivision when I saw them and pointed them out to my wife. We live within 20 miles of Kansas City International and see planes coming for approach on a regular basis and know what a plane looks like, These were just read glowing and no distinguishable marks. Lead 3 were in a rigid never changing triangle shape 2 following one merged with the triangle and the other just faded away. This was all to the southeast of our location and they were traveling south to southwest. The Triangle eventually faded out. or turn away so that we could no longer see it. Very brief visually. I am a trained observer from my time in the US Navy and never seen anything like this ever, Not Chinese lanterns or anything else. I have a very short video from my phone but it is not good quality

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