Bone-chilling images taken by a fearless visitor at a ‘most haunted cemetery’ show a ghostly figure standing over a grave.

Tyler Karanasios captured the haunting photos at the Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis, in the US state of New Hampshire.

The curious 26-year-old decided to visit the site which is known as Blood Cemetery, after Abel Blood, who is rumoured to have been a murderer with occult connections,.

His ghost is said to haunt his final resting place and Tyler now fears he may have disturbed a spirit.

Looking for something spooky, Tyler decided to visit the cemetery and he soon discovered the reason for the site’s haunted reputation.

The ghostly figure standing over a grave
The ghostly figure standing over a grave

He said: “My friend and I wanted to find somewhere haunted to possibly visit.

“When we arrived, it was probably close to midnight. Some spots were cold and some were warm. It was strange.

“I believe a lot of it was adrenaline, but it is possible I was feeling the presence of a spirit.”

He continued: “I noticed the figure at one point when I turned around. It moved quickly and scared me.

“I then told my friend we should take flash photos before we leave.

The site is known as Blood Cemetery
The site is known as Blood Cemetery

“When we got home, we realised what we had captured after going through our photos.”

An ephemeral mist is visible between two rows of headstones in one of the images.

But when the image is brightened, the mist forms the shape of a person wearing a long cloak or shroud.

Mr Karanasios, a healthcare worker, believes it may be the ghost of one of Abel Blood’s family.

He said: “Abel Blood’s headstone happens to be in the photo.

Abel Blood's headstone is in the photo
Abel Blood’s headstone is in the photo

“It is the smaller broken one in the shape of a triangle in the photo. The rest of the Blood family is buried there, including a young child.

“I believe the ghost might be Elizabeth Blood. I think this because the spirit in the picture looks like a woman and happens to be standing behind her gravestone.”

When Tyler shared the photos online, viewers suggested perhaps it was simply the outline of another headstone.

But another photo taken in the daytime during a previous visit shows no headstone is there.

Mr Karanasios said he understood the scepticism, but that he himself is totally convinced.

Viewers suggested it was the outline of another headstone
Viewers suggested it was the outline of another headstone

“A lot of people believe it is a spirit,” he said.

“Many others believe it is a reflection or some sort of illusion.

“I believe this is definitely the spirit of someone. It takes a clear shape of a person wearing some sort of cloak or dress.”

He added: “I truly cannot explain this photo naturally. The area in which this figure is shown is not visible any other time.

“It most certainly is only in this picture, otherwise it is just another space of grass.

Tyler Karanasios captured the haunting photos
Tyler Karanasios captured the haunting photos

“To those who believe it is fake, I understand. The internet is full of fake things.

“Myself and my friend are truly the only ones who know what happened that night, and I am only trying my best to show that experience, and that picture is 100% real.”

A website dedicated to the cemetery describes it as “the most haunted in New England.”

Despite his reputation, evidence has not been found to substantiate the rumours that Abel Blood was a murderer or had any connection to the occult.

One paranormal investigator write: “His genealogy and the town’s history suggest that he was a very Christian man and lived a good, law-abiding life.”

If there is a ghostly presence inside the cemetery, whosoever it might be, Mr Karanasios hopes he hasn’t disturbed it.

He said: “I’d like to tell people to not disturb this area.

“My only regret is that I may have disturbed a spirit that is at peace in that cemetery. I am still glad I experienced this, but that is my one regret on visiting this cemetery.”

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