Whether it’s an elevator that consistently stops on an unwanted floor or a bathroom door that opens and closes on its own, there are plenty of unexplained phenomena plaguing America’s hotels (and real estate, too). For some, the thought of sleeping with ghosts is enough to send them packing. For others, it’s an invitation.

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve searched high and low to bring you the creepiest, spookiest, and scariest hotels from across the United States. Some of the hotels are haunted by one famous ghost, others are the stomping ground of several unearthly creatures. But however they’re haunted, these 12 hotels are sure to provide a frightfully good time this Hallows’ Eve.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles

The exterior of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The facade is tan and there is a large billboard attached.
The exterior of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.
Ivan dan/Shutterstock

From Curbed LA: The Roosevelt competes with the Knickerbocker for most celebrity hauntings—Marilyn Monroe supposedly appears in a full-length mirror from Suite 1200, where she stayed when she first started becoming famous; Montgomery Clift is said to hang out in and around room 928, where he lived while shooting From Here to Eternity.

One psychic says he’s also detected Humphrey Bogart, Carmen Miranda, and Betty Grable. There’s also a cold spot in the Blossom Room (the first home of the Oscars) near where a dapperly-dressed thirties-era man is said to hang around. Read about 19 other spooky spots in LA, this way.